June 22, 2024

Twitch application review


After the invention of televisions, whole entertainment industry has changed in a sharp way. Many TV series, movies and reality shows has been made and it created a highly organized industry. After couple of technological developments, live shows started to spread all over the TV network. However, whole of these shows were scripted and highly ceremonial so content creators had to create innovative content and except few examples, almost all of the content had short life duration. When the internet usage and speed increased across the world, these kind of entertainment mechanisms have been spreading amongst the web. Twitch is one of the perfect examples of that evolution. It was released in 2011 as a spin-off application of Justin.tv to create a virtual living-space for gaming streams. Twitch platform has brought content creators with audience and relatively cheaper production expenses make it possible to create a path to creative people.

Become Streamer

Twitch creates a way to you to basically stream your gaming experience with interested people. With benefits of internet, you can create your own brand and promote yourself to gather lots of people around you. You can stream with your crew to create movie-like gaming experience with simulation games, you can play casual games to create more relaxed content and strengthen your bonds with your audience by communicating with them or you can create interactive content by basically play online game with them. Making a living is also possible with the platform of Twitch. When you created your own brand, your followers can donate you whenever they want and they can become your subscriber by voluntarily. As said, donations can be done spontaneously when your audience want to donate but the subscriptions are simply monthly payments to benefit from exclusive contents. You can promote new games as well. With the huge extension tool pool of the Twitch platform, you can edit your stream monitor and turn your streams into a more enjoyable content. Lots of stock panels (visual contents) helps you to customize your profile and if you don’t like the stock panels, you can create your own! You can create small-events to increase the mobility of your channel. Create polls to let your audience to decide crucial in game decisions. If you got bored from streaming games, you can start IRL (in real life) streams and share your private problems with your audience just like vlog but in live.

Just Enjoy the Fun

If you are interested in games, got bored after a stressful day and want some amusing time, then Twitch can be your only destination. Lots of streamers are playing and streaming massive variety of games regularly. You can donate to your favorite streamers, become subscriber of them and help them to make a living from the Twitch platform to experience things with them. Your name will be shown on screen when your subscription payment done, you can speak with your favorite streamer in private and you will be allowed in to some sub-chat applications with other subscribers.  Besides, if you have desire to buy a game, have concerns about it and you don’t trust critics too, then you can simply experience the game with streamer who you like his/her opinions. Moreover, if you don’t have strong PC or proper gaming tools like game consoles but still want to experience specific or exclusive games, Twitch is the platform that you can use to fulfill your desires. From Indie games to AAA rated games, huge variety of games are playing by qualified people on the Twitch. Furthermore, you can witness how people react to scenes from the games that you played already. Collective entertainment can be counted most enjoyable thing on earth as well. Besides all of these, joining to the communities which you share common tastes is one of the possibilities that the Twitch offers to you.

Twitch platform is all available on PC browsers, Android and iOS browsers and applications.


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